May 2023

The May session was conducted in the west #1 ecological restoration site, Waratah Street. Despite receiving very little attention over the last six months, due to the closure of Ferris Lane, the site was looking fairly good: lots of healthy sedges, grasses, Hakea sp., Leptospermum sp. and of course, Privet!

Privet was tackled: big, small and medium. Eight Hakea salicifolia and Leptospermum polygalifolium were planted in the “slump”, or mini headcut, located along the eastern perimter of the site. This area is reasonably stable, as it is well vegetated with Privet. The task of selectively removing and trimming back Privet and Japanese Honeysuckle, to create space and light for further planting, commenced today.

Streamwatch convenor reports that oxygen, phosphate, water freshness, chemical balance and turbidity in Lawson Creek were all satisfactory.