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August 2019

Work continued in our regeneration area around the headwaters of Lawson Creek. Slow but steady progress here! The regenerating flora is now heading towards two metres in height. Lots of privet bit the dust, courtesy of our D of E placement student, who is really getting the hang of bushcare practice! Progress in the swamp is good, and the actual basin is now moving towards a weed free status…but still plenty to do around the edge.

July 2019

We continued the work in our restoration area around the headwaters of Lawson Creek. The native grasses are re-vegetating the regeneration area quite vigorously and tea-trees and hakeas are growing strongly. In another year or two this whole area should be covered in native vegetation. Work in the swamp is going well and the intact bushland is pretty much weed free now. Nice to have along our Duke of Edinburgh student again, who also engages in a bit of bushwalking, rock climbing and navigation when not restoring indigenous bushland.

June 2019

Washout this month. The good news is that the Greater Sydney Landcare Network has taken over the running of the StreamWatch program from Australian Museum. Good to see the program continuing!

May 2019

Following an Easter break we resumed work in the regeneration area and swamp near west Waratah Street. These two areas are shaping up well, with lots of natural vegetation present or germinating and just needing a bit of assistance with weed control.

It was a real pleasure to host at this session a local high school student (and his Dad) who chose to include a bushcare component in his Duke Of Edinburgh Award program. The extra pairs of hands were very welcome.

March 2019

Some welcome rain led to cancellation of the site work session. However, over morning tea, planning discussions were held.

February 2019

Work continued in the west Waratah Street regeneration area. The regenerating tea-trees and native grassesĀ  are taking over from the weeds…with a little help from us! Mature Bleeding Heart trees have large bunches of spectacular fruit on display. Masses of Blechnum ferns are recovering from the dry spell. Rampant Blackberry in the swamp is being steadily subdued, with seed bearing fruit being collected.

January 2019

It’s holiday season, but a dedicated team got some serious work done. They followed up on previous work in the open contract area near west Waratah Street and removed lots of Blackberry Nightshade and flowering Montbretia. It was pleasing to see great regeneration of Leptospermum (Tea-tree), Bleeding Heart and native grasses, particularly Entolasia and Microlaena.