Fauna survey 2018 and other surveys

1. Fauna survey 2018

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PDF: Fauna Report – South Lawson Bushcare_Nocturnal 09-11-2018

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PDF: Fauna Report – South Lawson Bushcare_Diurnal – 11-11-2018

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2. Spring 2018 Wild Pollinator Count survey

Name:      Bushcare Officer Blue Mountains City Council

Email address:      khising@bmcc.nsw.gov.au<mailto:khising@bmcc.nsw.gov.au>

Date of this observation:        Sunday 18th November, 2018

Time of this observation:    11:15 AM

Postcode:        2783

Suburb or town:  Lawson, NSW

Location/address:        Near Unformed Waratah Street

Name of the plant (common or scientific) you observed:      Small-Leaf Privet – Ligustrum sinense wrapped in Japanese Honeysuckle – Lonicera japonica

Native or exotic?  Exotic (an introduced plant)

Details of your observation site:      Several small flowering Privets, wrapped in flowering Honeysuckle

BEES – European honey bees      3

BEETLES – Other beetles 1


FLIES – Other flies    3

The TOTAL number of insects you observed:        8

Add any other details about your observations:  Weather – Warm, cloudy, no wind

Did you take any photographs of pollinators you would like to share?    Yes, I have photos and will email them to wildpollinatorcount@gmail.com<mailto:wildpollinatorcount@gmail.com>

Do you permit us to use your photos (with credit) on the Wild Pollinator Count website or social media pages?  Yes

Would you like to receive news about the Wild Pollinator Count including the results and reminders for future events via email?  Yes

Other comments or feedback: Very interesting to see the range of insects on the plants for such a short time.