Towards the end of 2015 BMCC arranged for contract bush regeneration work to be carried out alongside the northern headwaters of Lawson Creek, near Waratah Street. About 200 square metres of Privet, Honeysuckle and Blackberry were removed by the contractors.

In 2016 the bushcare group has focused on working in this treated area and its surrounds, removing remaining weeds and seedlings and in particular, regenerating the adjoining good areas of bushland. Lots of native ferns, sedges, grasses and shrubs are now doing well. We have also been treating Pussy Willow, Montbretia and Blackberry in the adjacent lagoon at the northern reaches of Lawson Creek.


Omalanthus populifoius (Bleeding Heart) left, Gleichenia dicarpa (Coral Fern) centre, and Leptospermum sp. (centre right) in the regeneration area, Mar 2016. Better than a Privet forest!

Native plants doing well in the regeneration area, including Omalanthus populifolius (Bleeding heart) left, Gleichenia dicarpa (Coral Fern) centre and Leptospermum sp. (Tea-tree) centre right, Mar 2016. Better than a Privet forest! Photo: P.Ardill



This is an important area to work in because weed seeds that develop here may well end up in the good bush of South Lawson Park, Blue Mountains National Park and the World Heritage Area, via the creek flow and bird dispersal. The upper reaches of Lawson Creek are still infested with large tracts of invasive weeds, but steady progress is being made in reducing their impact and scope. See Waratah Street.


Weeding Privet seedlings in the good bush, October 2016

Weeding Privet seedlings in the good bush, Oct 2016 Photo: P.Ardill