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November 2020

A busy morning in the western regeneration area! Our Duke of Edinburgh Award student undertook soil augering on four sites, to determine the quality of the soil and its moisture levels. The results were noted and photographed. This will help with determining the flora species to plant around the site. Certainly, two spots were very damp, with strong sub-surface water flows. Privet, Japanese Honeysuckle and weedy grasses were also managed during this session.

Bushcare Leader Sandy Benson also attended this session, to help celebrate twenty-five years of bushcare at South Lawson Park. She brought some good news: the Lawson Butterfly project is about to get under way, and we have been invited to participate.

Celebrating twenty-five years of Lawson Bushcare Nov 2020 Photo: P Ardill
Celebrating twenty-five years of Lawson Bushcare Nov 2020 Photo: P Ardill
Soil auger session November 2020 Photo: P Ardill
Soil auger session November 2020 Photo: P Ardill

October 2020

So lovely to have our regular BMCC Bushcare Officer Karen back today, bringing all of her skills, knowledge and enthusiasm (and Nathan did a great job too). Also a full turnout of wonderful bushcarers, and we all got on with various restoration chores in the west regeneration area and central swamp. Privet, Salix cinerea and Yorkshire Fog grass were treated. In the swamp, Melaleuca armillaris, Blackberry, Salix cinerea, Japanese Honeysuckle and Privet (trimmed along the stream) received attention. The upper catchment of Lawson Creek is being transformed into a rich area of indigenous flora and fauna diversity.

Good water quality was recorded in the upper tributary of Lawson Creek: oxygen, phosphates, acidity, and turbidity. See our StreamWatch page.

August 2020

This session featured more seed collecting and further work in the eastern Waratah Street section, removing Privet. Great progress being made here and the area is starting to look nice and bushy! Good progress in the swamp too and the mature Privet is nearly expelled.

July 2020

This month the group undertook a lot of seed collecting along the eastern banks of upper Lawson Creek. Leptospermum polygalifolium, Callicoma serratifolia, Hakea dactyloides, Kunzea ambigua, Hakea salicifolia, Eucalyptus piperita and Echinopogon caespitosus were collected for future planting. Great work!

June 2020

Nice to resume work! Welcome to new member William. We did preparatory work for future planting of local species in the Waratah Street regeneration area, collected Tea-tree and Hakea seed, and removed more Privet along the Waratah Street frontage (west and centre). Also weeded around the ferns.

Bushcare resuming June 2020

Bushcare resumes in June, but with Covid-19 conditions in place. Please go to ‘About Us/Contacts’ and contact the Bushcare Officer/Team Leader if you wish to attend but are not already on the mailing list. New members welcome but at the present time attendance conditions apply.

April 2020

All BMCC Bushcare and Greater Sydney Landcare StreamWatch activities for volunteers have now been suspended, due to the current health crisis. Fortunately, all staff remain on duty and are able to continue with their regular work.

If you have any enquiries about Bushcare or StreamWatch then go to the About Us and StreamWatch pages on this website for contact details.

March 2020

A big group today and welcome to new member Lesley. We continued work in the west Waratah Street regeneration area, tackling Privet and Ivy, and also removing invasive grasses. Very strong regeneration of the local Entolasia sp. grass here now. Our Swamp Wallaby loves this “green pick”, or fresh grass! Locally obtained Leptospermum polygalifolium (Tea-tree) seed was scattered. In the swamp Blackberry and Japanese Honesysuckle were treated; good control of these pests now. A large amount of Privet and also Turkey Rhubarb seed was removed from the east regeneration site.

First Nations’ heritage – February 28, 2020

The Bushcare Group was pleased to welcome Brad Moore, BMCC Aboriginal Community Development Officer, and Matt, Connecting to Country Project Officer, to the bushcare site and adjoining areas, including South Lawson Park, to examine and record various items of First Nations’ heritage. Thanks to Karen, our BMCC Bushcare Officer, for arranging this event.