December 2023

This month the South Lawson Park Bushcare Group worked in the west Waratah Street site (#ER1).

Planting of 10 Gahnia sieberiana plants was conducted: 8 x in the wetland area (ER#2), and 2 x in the western regeneration area (ER#1).

In ER#2 Juncus microcephalus seeds were collected. A start was made on removing another patch of this weed: a small spade is used to sever roots, the plant is hung to dry out, and then redistributed on the ground, to serve as a soil stabiliser. This method is efficient and avoids use of herbicides.

In ER#1 Privet seedlings were managed. The area of Microlaena sp. and Oplismenus sp. was enlarged, by careful weeding of Yorkshire Fog grass.

Previously planted seedlings of Hakea salicifolia (ER #1 and #2) are showing tremendous growth. The Swamp Wallaby is not interested in nibbling them. Leptospermum polygalifolium is also doing well. Leptospermum juniperinum plants are being constantly nibbled and display limited growth.

Regrowth of Blackberry within the entire site is minimal/absent. Regrowth of Japanese Honeysuckle in ER#2 is minimal but still strong in ER#1.

Streamwatch convenor reports that water quality in Lawson Creek tributary (ER#4) was good: oxygen, phosphorous, freshness, chemical balance, turbidity.