April 2021

What did we get up to in April?

Bushcare Officer: work continued in the western section of the Waratah Street ecological restoration site. We worked along most of the track, removing juvenile Privet. Work was carried out in the corner of the unformed Waratah Street and the track, and that area was really cleaned up – it looks amazing! Grasses and a range of other weeds were removed along other sections of the track. Leptospermum sp. seed collected from an in situ plant was scattered.

In the swamp section, Juncus microcephalus was treated, and 4 x Hakea salicifolia were planted along the Waratah Street margin. Check dams constructed for the rainy summer held back tons of sand. Leptospermum juniperinum seed that was scattered a few months ago has germinated in the damp sands!

Streamwatch convenor: water quality in Lawson Creek was quite good. Oxygen levels were satisfactory, and phosphorous was absent. The water was fresh (no salts), and turbidity levels were low. All good for bugs!