May 2021

Lots of work was done on the bushcare site in May.

In the western ecological restoration area, Waratah Street, the privet along the boundary of the site was again thinned out, in preparation for future planting. The ferns in this section are looking luscious. In the swamp, more Hakea salicifolia plants were planted along the higher margins of the wet area (cumulative total nine ). Creeping Buttercup and Yorkshire Fog grass were managed.

Streamwatch convenor: water quality was good. However, following the heavy rains of March, a large amount of sand has found its way into the stream. More work is needed on stabilising the upper catchment and the bare areas there. Still, the check dams in the upper catchment swamp held back a lot of sand, and certainly, the situation is not as bad as it was in 2010.

The Bellevue Park Butterfly Hilltopping project at Lawson has been operational for the last few months, with the Traditional Owners, BMCC, Lawson Public School students, Blue Mountains Homeschoolers, the bushcare group, regional butterfly enthusiasts and other members of the community all involved. The bushcare group had a special work session on 25/05/21, removing weeds from the site. Here we are! Finally made it to the top!

Bellevue Park Lawson Butterfly site May 2021 (A Bogic BMCC)
Butterfly site Bellevue Park Lawson May 2021 (A Bogic BMCC)