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June 2018

In June we continued with our regeneration site work near Waratah Street. The Leptospermum polygalifoliums (tea-trees) and native grasses ares doing well here and the Privet is under control.

We had an avian visitor, a Grey Fantail, Rhipidura albiscapa. S/he was constantly buzzing us (inquisitive?!), and also snatching insects in this sunny spot. Previously about the only bird life seen in this area were Bulbuls feeding on Privet seed. An Eastern yellow robin (Eopsaltria australis) stopped to admire our work…and to¬† have a feed too!

Grey Fantail "Rhipidura albiscapa" Regeneration area 2018

Grey Fantail regeneration area June 2018 Photo: M Saltis

A recce done on Friday 22/6/18 reveals that it is possible to walk through the wall of weeds that runs adjacent to the southern edge of Waratah Street, with a bit of bending, ducking and scrambling. Privet and Blackberry dominate. An occasional good fern and wattle were also found. We might start some work in there soon.