The Pest Page

Welcome to The Pest Page. Here we list some of the flora and fauna items and landscape features that we would prefer not to have on our bushcare site or in the locality.

Anton ater, European Black Slug. Not welcome!

Arion ater, European Black Slug. Not welcome! 2016 Photo: P. Ardill

The European Black Slug was found near Waratah Street on 20/11/16. It is uniquely black. This slug is not welcome in Australia because we do not know about the adverse impacts that it may have on Australian flora and fauna. Think Cane Toad! It belongs in Europe, where it evolved naturally, and is subject to natural checks and balances on its population. Dispose of humanely: they like beer! Spreading snail pellets can harm native wildlife. Wear gloves as it is extra special slimy. Report your sighting of this slug:


Massive silt Jan 2010

Massive silt flow in Lawson Creek, January 2010 Photo: P. Ardill

Bare expanses of soil. Soil requires a covering of some form in order to hold it in place and to allow healthy things to happen in the soil. Bare soil will be washed away by heavy rain and all of the goodness goes with it. A good cover can include bush, mulch, grass and lawn, leaves,  shrubs, vegetables and even concrete and bitumen, when appropriate. Cover it up!

Unfortunately, more pests to come!