February 2021

Work continued in the west Waratah Street area of the ecological restoration site, where wonderful natural regeneration of the native grasses is occurring. Along the track, intruding privet was managed. A fresh section of the area adjacent to the track was treated for privet, Japanese honeysuckle and assorted weedy herbs. In the swamp, J microcephalus was dug out, and seed bearing privet was cut down.

Streamwatch convenor reports good water quality in Lawson Creek tributary in ecological restoration area. Oxygen levels satisfactory. pH, phosphorous, turbidity and salt levels okay. Euastacus sp. present.

January 2021

A lovely sunny day! Work continued in the western regeneration area. Weedy grasses, Japanese Honeysuckle and Privet seedlings were given the flick. A magnificent stand of indigenous grasses is progressing well: Microlaena stipoides Weeping Meadow grass, and Entolasia stricta Wiry Panic or Right Angled grass.

In the swamp, our D of E student removed Arum Lily and Juncus micrcoephalus seeds, and constructed a check dam, to hold back and disperse the anticipated February floods! Flowering Privets were given the chop.

Seed collected at previous sessions is now being propagated at Wild Plant Rescue Nursery, Katoomba. The Bushcare Group is propagating Hakea dactyloides. A gift voucher for Wild Plant Rescue Nursery is also available. All of these plants will go in to the ER/regeneration area.

Streamwatch convenor reports good water quality in Lawson Creek.

December 2020

BMCC Bushcare Officer report:

We continued our work in the western regeneration area north of the BMX track. Our Duke of Edinburgh Award student continued carefully thinning the dense screen of vines and woody weed material along unformed Waratah Street. Others worked on the corner of unformed Waratah Street and the walking track, removing large and juvenile Privet Рit looks so good in that area now. Work was also done along the walking track, removing seedlings/small Privet. (Fallen branches were also removed from the walking track during the September session, and brushmatting done). The ground-layer edge in the open area of the regeneration area was weeded, to encourage natural regeneration of indigenous flora.

Streamwatch convenor report:

Despite the heavy rain, the Streamwatch data for the month was good. Turbidity: excellent; phosphates: average; salt levels: low; oxygen: average; acidity: average. Must be some good bush around!

November 2020

A busy morning in the western regeneration area! Our Duke of Edinburgh Award student undertook soil augering on four sites, to determine the quality of the soil and its moisture levels. The results were noted and photographed. This will help with determining the flora species to plant around the site. Certainly, two spots were very damp, with strong sub-surface water flows. Privet, Japanese Honeysuckle and weedy grasses were also managed during this session.

Bushcare Leader Sandy Benson also attended this session, to help celebrate twenty-five years of bushcare at South Lawson Park. She brought some good news: the Lawson Butterfly project is about to get under way, and we have been invited to participate.

Streamwatch convenor: good water quality.

Celebrating twenty-five years of Lawson Bushcare Nov 2020 Photo: P Ardill
Celebrating twenty-five years of Lawson Bushcare Nov 2020 Photo: P Ardill
Soil auger session November 2020 Photo: P Ardill
Soil auger session November 2020 Photo: P Ardill

October 2020

So lovely to have our regular BMCC Bushcare Officer Karen back today, bringing all of her skills, knowledge and enthusiasm (and Nathan did a great job too). Also a full turnout of wonderful bushcarers, and we all got on with various restoration chores in the west regeneration area and central swamp. Privet, Salix cinerea and Yorkshire Fog grass were treated. In the swamp, Melaleuca armillaris, Blackberry, Salix cinerea, Japanese Honeysuckle and Privet (trimmed along the stream) received attention. The upper catchment of Lawson Creek is being transformed into a rich area of indigenous flora and fauna diversity.

Good water quality was recorded in the upper tributary of Lawson Creek, in ecological restoration area by Streamwatch convenor: oxygen, phosphates, acidity, and turbidity. See our StreamWatch page.