Our 2017 regeneration work

In 2017 we intend to target a range of specific locations and weeds on the bushcare site, using a plan prepared by our BMCC bushcare officer. The regeneration site that we mainly focused on in 2016 is weed stable, but will need follow up in 2017.

Our January session for 2017 was focused on weeding work at the detention basin just south of the Ferris Lane carpark. Privet and Buddleia were removed from the basin, and Blackberry, Montbretia and a prolific exotic tree specimen were treated around the banks of the basin and along the stormwater channel that discharges into the creek. The detention basin is infested with Juncus microcephalus, a weed, in unmanageable proportions, and the seed from this infestation will flow into Lawson Creek.

Treating Montbretia and Creeping buttercup at the detention basin, Jan 2017

Treating Montbretia and Creeping Buttercup at the detention basin, Jan 2017 (BMCC photo)

Removing Privet from the detention basin Jan 2017 (Photo: K Hising BMCC)

Removing Privet from the detention basin, Jan 2017 (BMCC photo)









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