July 2017

Lots of good things are happening at our ongoing regeneration site between the BMX track and Waratah Street. The BMCC  Bush Regeneration Team has been working in there, and we can really see the difference, especially along the walking track. So thank you to them for this support.  BMCC’s Bushlands Operation Co-Ordinator has also arranged for a bush regeneration contractor to remove another large stand of Privet on this site, and we thoroughly approve of that work too. The plan is to have the contractors working on the site on a regular basis, removing a section of weed each time. The long-term objective is to entirely remove this wall of weeds from the upper catchment of Lawson Creek and restore the native bush.

The bushcare group worked on the newly cleared area on Sunday 16/07/17 and we should be able to control any weed regrowth. Good native plants are starting to establish themselves there. All of this work represents excellent co-ordination and targeting of professional and volunteer work-time and skills and we have reason to suspect that our BMCC Bushcare Officer may have had a role in facilitating this process.

The Lawson Butterfly Project will be commencing in September.

Contractor work on large stand of Privet, adjacent Waratah St., July 2017

Contractor work on large stand of Privet, regeneration site, Waratah St.-BMX track,  July 2017   Photo: P.Ardill

Regeneration site between Waratah St. and BMX track, July , 2017

Regeneration site between BMX track and Waratah St., July 2017   Photo: P.Ardill