January 2021

A lovely sunny day! Work continued in the western regeneration area. Weedy grasses, Japanese Honeysuckle and Privet seedlings were given the flick. A magnificent stand of indigenous grasses is progressing well: Microlaena stipoides Weeping Meadow grass, and Entolasia stricta Wiry Panic or Right Angled grass.

In the swamp, our D of E student removed Arum Lily and Juncus micrcoephalus seeds, and constructed a check dam, to hold back and disperse the anticipated February floods! Flowering Privets were given the chop.

Seed collected at previous sessions is now being propagated at Wild Plant Rescue Nursery, Katoomba. The Bushcare Group is propagating Hakea dactyloides. A gift voucher for Wild Plant Rescue Nursery is also available. All of these plants will go in to the ER/regeneration area.

Streamwatch convenor reports good water quality in Lawson Creek.