April 2022

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On Sunday 17/04/2022 we continued our weeding work along the eastern Waratah Street section of the ecological restoration site. Numerous Privet seedlings and also mature plants were treated. The constant regrowth of Privet on this site, over many, many years, has been quite amazing, but we do keep on top of it. Fortunately, there is plenty of good bush around to keep us inspired. Natural regeneration of bush along some fringes is good, and planted ferns and Eucalyptus species are going well. Snake Vine Stephania japonica was observed.

Along the wall of weeds central section of Waratah Street large quantities of Japanese Honeysuckle, some with stem thicknesses of 6-7 cms, and 10 metres plus of height, were treated. The honeysuckle is now well controlled. As the swamp steadily settles into a more stable bush condition, more work can be done on this wall of weeds section.

Streamwatch convenor reports that water quality in the Lawson Creek tributary flowing through the swamp was good. The check dams there are creating pools and riffles, and we have some welcome visitors moving in!