Planting project 2011-13

In 2011, following careful planning by our BMCC Bushcare officer, the bushcare group commenced a major planting and regeneration project with the aim of widening the riparian corridor of Lawson Creek and swamp. The project area extended over approximately 2000 square metres. Two techniques were used:

  1. Local provenance (sourced from the mid-Mountains area) species were obtained from a Blue Mountains specialist native plant nursery for planting.
  2. The area was fenced off, allowing natural regeneration via dispersed seed from the adjoining healthy Eucalyptus and Angophora woodland to occur. Tree seed for nursery propagation is hard to collect due to tree height, and natural regeneration helps to overcome this problem.


Riparian planting area August 2013

Our streams require wide stands of intact native vegetation along their banks, to protect against urban impacts  Photo: P.Ardill


The project aim is to widen this woodland riparian zone

The project aim was to widen the woodland area that borders Lawson Creek  Photo: P.Ardill

The planting corridor was well sign posted.

The planting corridor is approximately 10 metres wide and 200 metres long Photo: P.Ardill

Pur BMCC bushcare officer enjoys planting days! May 2011

Our BMCC bushcare officer enjoys planting days!  May 2011 Photo: P.Ardill

Riparian planting Aug 2013

Riparian planting Aug 2013 Photo: P.Ardill


In 2016 the planted area is thriving and average shrub/tree height is 2-3 metres, with good diversity of species. Strengthening ecological communities is one of many ways to combat climate change: a valuable water resource is being protected, carbon storage is maintained and enhanced, genetic diversity is promoted and wildlife corridors provide native animals with opportunities to adapt to temperature and rainfall changes. Many thanks to our bushcare officer for initiating this project.


Natural regeneration of native trees. Nursery propagation of native trees can be difficult as seed is hard to collect due to tree height. Dec 2016

Natural regeneration of native trees Dec 2016 Photo: P.Ardill

Another layer of shrubs and trees for Lawson Creek, June 2016

Another layer of shrubs and trees for Lawson Creek, June 2016 Photo: P.Ardill







Four years of growth, Dec 2016

Four years of growth, Dec 2016 Photo: P.Ardill